CinderElla Revamped Memories

Monday, April 13, 2009

Time ends, memories last forever...

Close your eyes and open your heart,
Come see the world the way I do,
Sing the songs a thousand times,
Let the words imprint themselves in you.

Don't shy away from the new life created,
Embrace the changes with an open mind,
Try to feel the winds that blow,
For once they're gone only memories remain.

Sometimes we try to rush through life,
Assuming time is never ending,
And what we fail to remember in our lives,
Is that like everything else time will come to an end.

So why can't we not take a moment,
A single second in our fast flowing lives,
To close our eyes and open our hearts,
While our memories flicker through like images.

Remember that what we do in our lives,
Defines the person we are and become,
Every situation that we find ourselves in,
Are results of choices that we all made.

It is not difficult to revel in the joy of what we have achieved,
It is harder to let go of those memories that we have built,
Let every event that occurs to you,
Be a significant change in your ending life.

Let every person who has come near you,
Touch your soul so that you may grow,
Let every voice you have heard,
Be a part of your memories forever.

Let this musical share a tiny space,
Just a single spot in your mind and heart,
Let the people and all its fantasies,
Hold a place in your treasured dreams.

For when you sleep now and awake a decade later,
You would have changed and so would have the world,
But the one thing time can never take away from you,
Is the memories that have been engraved onto your soul.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AFT Awards

AFT Awards

Date: 11 April

Time: 6.30pm- 11pm
Venue: Theaterette
Theme: Golden Globes
Dress Code: Formal

Please start arriving by 6.30pm as all guests are to be seated by 7pm.
Dr Lim Wee Kiak will arrive at 7pm to present plaques to our patrons.
Our program will begin proper at 7.15pm.
Dance Floor will begin at 9.30pm.

If you would like to bring in one of your friends to the AFTs, you are able to do so as long as you inform me by smsing me at 90406977.
If you have preferences to your seating at the ten seater round table, please give me a call so that my team and I can assign a table to you and the group.

~Thank you~

Monday, March 30, 2009


Please Take Note.

a) Dates:

The AFT awards are going to be held real soon. The possible dates as of now are the 10th (Friday), 11th (Saturday) or 12th (Sunday) of April or anything thereafter.

The reason why we didn't hold it the week right after the musical is because every single one of us wanted to go down and support Anaz in his performance (Btw Anaz, you were really on fire : ) )

Also, the AFT awards cannot be held this week because of a few reasons...
1) The funding for this dinner is on hold due to the closure of the CC's financial year.
2) The closing of the musical's finances. It is important that Janise and I finish off the accounts for this first before opening up a new budget.
3) It is too much of a rush to have the event this week as it would be a haphazard job due to the trophies not having been printed yet and the awardees not decided upon.
4) The Chalet.

I understand from Andrew and Lex that some of you'll will be entering NS before 10 April. Please post at the tagboard if that's the case then we'll have to work something out.

If not, we'll stick to next week.

So, take a look at the poll on the right side of the blog's page and vote for the date that you prefer. This poll will only be open for two days so please vote as soon as possible.

I have to submit a proposal for this dinner and the faster it is submitted the better.


b) Awards

b1) Fun Category (a better name will be thought for this...if you have a suggestion, please let me know via the tagboard : ) )

- Most Charismatic
- Trend Setter
- Best Smile
- Class Clown
- Most Improved Dancer
- Most Improved Actor
- All Rounder
- Weirdest Nickname
- Most Abused
- Best Handshake
- Most Caring
- Weirdest Laughter
- Wackiest department (Music, Dance, Costume, Sets and Backstage)
- Most hardworking Department (Music, Dance Costume, Sets and Backstage)
- Most Irritating Person
- Best Hairdo
- Most Injury Prone
- Popular line/ phrase

(There are only 18 awards here. We are accepting another 2 more awards. Please post in the tagboard if you have any ideas.)

b2) Production Awards

- Best Female Dancer
- Best Male Dancer
- Best Dance Choreography (All songs in the musical are up for nominations)
- Best Stunt
- Best Lead Actor
* Martin
* Nicholas
* Yoga
* Colin
- Best Lead Actress
* Shanty
* Deepa
* Parmes
* Nerissa
- Best Supporting Actor (all other male actors with one line or more)
- Best Supporting Actress (all other female actress with one line or more)
- Leading Back Up Role (this is for other actors with no lines at all)
- Best Scene (Based on the actors in it and the quailty of the scene)
- Most Comical Scene
- Most Emotional Song
- Best Hip Hop Song
- Best Lyrics
- Best Finale Costume Desgin
- Best Group Costume Design
- Best Set Design (which scene from what act)
- Best Actor and Dancer
- Best Actress and Dancer
(there are 19 awards here...we need another one more...if you have any ideas for it, put it in the tagboard and I will add it in)

Okay so if you want to nominate anyone for any of the awards, please state the category and the award you are putting them up for. Remember, there must be one person to nominate and another person to second that nomination. Only then will the person be considered. (Please Email your nominations via facebook either to me or Thana.)

If more than 3 people are nominated for an award or if more then 3 departments, dances or scenes are nominated for one award, please acknowledge that the Director and Producer will look over the nominees and select the top three.

Any decisions made will be final.

Btw, nominations have to be made by Thursday 12am. I will not accept any nominations after that as Thana and I will have to collate the top three nominees for each category by Friday night.
C) Award Presentors

The award persentors will be our very own people from the musical. So start thinking about what award you are interested in giving out. You need not give it out alone. You may give it out with your acting team, dance group, friends...anything long as you run it by us first.

Once the top three nominations for each award is reached, the award presentors roles will be opened to all of you'll. So if you are not a nominee for that particular award, you may help to present it. This will only be opened Sunday onwards.)
D) Theme

The theme is obviously in line with the Golden Globes Concept : )

Would you like to help out in the preparation and planning of this event?

Just post in the tagboard or drop me an sms. Any help would be appreciated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Croo Croo Croo...

yo... so... hmm.. uh huh.. yea... totally... i mean... obviously... eventually... lol..

success!! i irritated some.. or most.. no all of u...

why emo?? no necessity to be emo..

ppl... don emo lookin at diz blog and stuff...

k.. i was sure i was gonna put up a post but after readin the tag board and da previous post, i know my post is nt gonna be poetic and bombastic but realistic.. lolz.. juz felt lyk rhyming.. k.. anywayz, yea why emo... its nt lyk diz is the end..

i mean, come on musical's over but this is a new beginning to a life long friendship/s or family-ship i should say.. yea yea i know there is no such word but ya.. ok.. some jackass is obviously gonna read my post and by now he is gonna complain that im spoiling the feel of the emotions going ard but what the hell i don feel the need to emo cos i know somehow or rather im gonna meet u guyz again...

juz lyk some of us planned, we actually ended up at sembawang the day after the musical...
and we all know that there is such a strong bond between us that is so hard for us to break free from...

i was actually thinking of what exactly to post and realised that no point in thinking.. so i guessed i would type wid da FLOW... lolz...

i LOVE u guyz man... ya obviously...

ok format is going gabara nw but who cares...

im being juz me.. isabelle...



ok isabelle get serious!!!


first of all my thanks to God for blessing me wid this oppurtunity of being part of this awesome musical!!

next i would like to thank our

Successful director saras akka for giving me an oppurtunity to be part of this awesome production!!!

ok... too formal... im going bk to being me... yea tks to u akka.. well for the rez... too many to name.. im afraid i will miss out some... bt oh well...

soooo many... i actually am confused wid who exactly to start wid..

i got it! i got it! by golly i got it!

M to the I to the S-F-I-T-S!

MISFITS... uh huh..
we're nt juz a crew... we are THE crew!!!


BIG MAMA aka suadz:
loved her the day i saw her,
master of the late essay smses,
and the one and only unique machine gun laughter!

DIGGER aka sameer aka typhoon:
lolz.. always willin to lend me his phone,
as long as i get him a drink,
enjoyed being his dance partner,
p.s. typhoon is all abt circulation!

WORM aka iqmall aka wave:
lolz.. the amazing trend setter,
his confidence is simply amazing,
awesome dancer,
p.s. wave is all abt frequency!

OZ aka praven aka drizzle:
lolz.. his weirdness is juz un commentable,
p.s. drizzle is all abt drip drip drip drip!

MOLE aka kc aka magnitude:
lolz.. 2 words to describe him,
psp and hair,
lolz and his drive to learn dance is.. wow,
p.s. magnitude is all abt intensity!

STINK aka mus aka earthquake:
lolz... da teddy bear,
always givin tips to improve on our acting,
p.s. earthquake is all abt movements!

BLING aka I.Z aka romeo:
lolz.. wad shall i say,
my other half,
my better half,
glad he was part of this together wid me.

A-SAI bo?? A-SAI!!
i LOVE em loads!!!

whoa! my fingers are tired.. probably some of ya'll are wondering if the post is gonna end anytime soon.. in my language.. 1 hr later... 2 hr later and the post is still going on..
ok fine i'll rush...

on to prep squad.. misfits hate em! spider hates em even more! but isabelle loves each and everyone of u!
u guys were awesome and are awesome!

sk8er dudes/dudettes, goths, nerds...
ya'll are loved by me too...

fairy god parents do i really hv to state... i bet ya'll know tat i love ya'll...

yes.. backstage crew... and eric u too... both of u.. love ya'll...

music and dance department.. my thanks and loves to u guyz... and of course to the crew..

well.. k im endin soon...

i juz wanna personally thank some of u...

obviosuly saras akka... like i've stated previously...

parmes... i want to thank u at this point. thnx alot babe for bringing me to be part of this on the 9th of july 08.. da day tat changed my life... i met so many awesome beings/creatures.. lolz.. seriously tks to u...

nathan annai.. if u hadnt walked out wid da misfits the other day, i bet half or most of us would hv quitted..

thana annai.. always there to motivate us and givin us tips to improve ourselves...

prasad annai.. the guy who m8 me dance.. something tat i loved to do and always wanted to do.. hated this dude the first day i saw him but left rp on the 21st knowing that his one of the ppl that i cant live without..

suadz.. da girl whose hugs i cant live without... i cn still hear ur MG laughter as i type this..lolz..

yoga.. bangla boy.. literally always lendin me a shoulder to lean on... takin care of mi..

kanitha.. babe.. one word i would say to u frm the bottom of heart - thanks! and yea i love u babe..

shanty!! babe.. too many things to write abt u.. but u know i love u.. duh.. do i hv a choice?

there is soo many others to name.. but i juz wanna let ya'll know that i love u guys aites!! and somehow or rather.. sooner or later... i bet ya'll we'll meet.. yea juz waiting for that moment where we juz scream and run towards each other for that hug.. lolz...

u guyz are an awesome bunch and it was and is gr8 knowing all of u...

its abt to end...

bigger jellyfish..
micro jellyfish...
zzz... electric eel...

and Arteen Furteens say...

croo croo croo...

lolz... muackz.. LOVE ya'll loads!!!

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, To aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like Godsent and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die.
Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.

p.s. somehow i feel tat our relationship is meant to last a lifetime...

Loads of LOVES...

ISAbelle aka SpiDeR!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Through her Eyes

As i stepped back into the theater with yoga and nathan, i found myself a seat all the way behind, the last row near the control room,near nathan's and thana's fortress.

i looked at the stage,where people were clearing up the props and sets.

and i kept on looking.and looking.and slowly, my eyes closed, and my mind went back to july 2008.

i leaned back against the soft velvet chair and sighed.
memories begun to swirl around me.
for that moment i wasn't at RP.
i was at my first day.

i was taken back to the sembawang bus interchange,waiting for parms cause i had no idea where jelutong cc was.
as she and i walked to the cc, which i now just can't do without, i walked into the theatrette.there were only four of us - saras, praba, parms and me. that was the first time i met praba.
little did i know, how much emotions that theatrette would hold.

a while later saras gave me the script. i flipped the pages and came across the page that was titled "Act 2 Scene 3".
and i saw the two words that would change my life forever - Big Mama.
Leader of a crew of 8 strong individuals who dare to stand up for what they believe in.

Moments later, shanty and kesavan came.
A tall guy with white long sleeves and 3/4 pants walked in,wearing shades.(at that moment i did feel that the shades had to die but what the heck).
at the first thing he said,looking at me was "and who is this?", in the most Jet - like tone ever.
i got up,smiled, shook his hands and said "hey, i'm suady"
and he said " hey you, i'm yoga".

within minutes, we all were taking pictures of ourselves,making fun of one another, laughing and joking about.
my mind swirled again, i moved forward to a day, a month or two later.

i walked into the theatrette, and saras came running to me and said "Your first two misfits are here!!".
with a huge grin on my face, i ran in and saw them.they were both sitting on the stage, very quiet, and as i saw both of them, something inside me told me that i was going to love them with all my life.
and that they were not going to be any quiet*grinz*
i loved their style, their personality, their character instantly.
and there was something about her that was just me.
i did my lines with them, and that day,
Spider and Bling came to life.

My mind swirled,to the day i walked up to the dance studio where i first met Lex and Prasad.
Mustafa came in, and no one was more happier than me when i knew that Stink was him.
that day was the last day, where ny final 4 misfitz came in.
Worm,Mole and Oz.
Digger was late.haha.

and i finally had my whole crew.

i looked at them, and my mind started asking questions.
"would i be their leader, the one they would look up to, the one who would look after them like one of her own, would i inspire and lead them?"
i never had the answers.
we never bonded at first.there were so much problems.
it seemed impossible.
but all my heart told me was, "whatever happens, don't give up on them.cause they WILL become more than what they are today, and they are worth it".

i remember the day Saras sent the misfitz out of the theatrette cause we totally screwed up our scene.
that day, one other person walked out with us.
he spoke, and with every word, i felt our hope rise.
we were bursting with ideas, with so much energy.
he was our spark.
when we went in back there, we made a statement.
a standard was set.the misfitz united.
Saras saw the scene,turned to him and said "Good job Nathan".
He beamed with pride.
that was just the start.

Mind swirled again, to the hardcourt.
Physical training was the most straining ones ever.
when it finally ended, i cried.
yoga and isabelle squeezed me tight and cried with me.
that was the day the "Suagabelles" were born.

Flashes of the journey came in my mind.

The week where Yoga,Isabelle,Anaz and i would go down for press release practice before judgement day.
before that week, at the theatrette, a young man sat on the stage, with a white hoodie, staring into blank space.
they told me that he was going to be in the cast.
and i asked yoga, "can he dance?"
yoga stared back at me.
that's when i met the King of House.

i saw her groove, and i loved it.
little did nicole know that she would inspire me to want to do groove in the near future.
he pushed me on when i needed hope,
and andrew had no idea how much it helped.

another tall guy came into the musical before i left for South Africa.
i didn't think that he would turn crazy.
but Thana eventually did - and brought joy along with it.

he came in and gave us his opinion,
cause he knew we were capable of something much better than what we were doing.
and yes Collin,u were right.

she designed and made that dress,
the one i wore for my finale.she believed i would pull it off.
that gown made me look different,and brought out another side of me.
how would i ever thank Kanitha for that.

we came in as ordinary people.
and now, my misfitz are all dancers.
the star that moulded us and never lost faith in us.
Prasad - u have no idea.

she came to me and told me, "i'm doing a musical , do u want the role of Big Mama?"
i never knew the word "yes" would bring to where i am now.
saras, what would i have done without you.

my mind swirled yet again and stopped at a point.
i told yoga "i want to quit. i can't do this"
he spoke. i listened.
i never gave up after that.

i could go on about how much everyone has done something for me.i really could go on thinking.

i thought about all the things we all went through.
but the one that really hit me were my misfitz.

i saw them grow, mature and learn.
i saw them from the beginning till yesterday.
i saw the transition.

my eyes opened and i felt tears stinging my eyes.
i stared on right through at the stage where most of the props had already been cleared out.
through thick and thin, till the very end we had disagreements and all.
but we gave in, forgave and forgot.
all 7 of them came to my mind, and i told my heart - "u have never been more right before"

as i blinked and kept staring right ahead,my vision of the stage became clear.
my mind stopped swirling.
i had a smile.
and i beamed.

i could never be any more prouder than i am right now,misfitz.
i love you all so much.

to everyone in this musical.

i want to apologize if i had hurt anyone here.
and i want to say that i am so proud to be part of something as amazing as this.
every single one of you are awesome, and have touched me in one way or another.
and i want to thank u for that.
i will not say bye, because i believe that we are in control of what we end.
and we will not end this.

and yes.
we didn't beat any standards out there yesterday.
we set our own.

thank you,from the very bottom of my heart, for moulding me into someone stronger than she has ever been.
i love you all.very much.

ROCK & RULE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Mama

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Last Curtain Call

By the time most of you read this, this experience would probably be over already.

But I just can't get onto that stage without coming back here again. I just have a lot of things I want to say...But as usual time works against us. But I woke up this morning with the aim of posting one last time in here before I go up onto that stage and perform for a crowd that has not seen what went into this production.

Its been a beautiful journey. It really has...I just cannot explain how much this means to me. To some, it means the world. This whole musical and all the memories associated with it give light to my world...


I'm looking at the timer...0 days 18 hours...I can't believe it really is happening. Show time seemed so far away once...But as always, all good things must come to an end.

I've made a great many friends, most of which I will never forget or lose touch with forever...I've seen people laugh...made them laugh...made some cry. But it's these make me come for every practice.

People kept asking me why I keep turning up for practice when I have nothing on. For a simple reason...

I enjoy every moment of it...every single second I spend in that theatrette, in that dance that hall.

Memories so sweet their taste will always remain even after all these is over...even til my dying day.

And now that its nearly over, I just wanted to say sorry to anyone I've offended, to anyone I've pissed off.

Sorry to my choreographers and my director if i didn't listen or pay attention...Say sorry to my friends for being very moody for the past few days...The thought of leaving is too heart-wrenching.

AS I am saying this, my bag is packed for the last time...packed to the brim with things I will need for these next 3 days...I will never pack that bag again for another musical practice or rehearsal again.


It's been a beautiful journey...So for the next 60 hours...til the last curtain call, enjoy it. You will never get another chance.

When we do the final curtain call...The final round of applause...We will be backstage in tears, smiling, happy...sad. Just know that even thought this thing is over, our friendship will always remain...will always grow...

Cast and Crew of CinderElla the Musical...It has been beautiful...

This will be my Final Curtain Call...

Thank You...For Everything...

For the last time and Forever more...

Monday, March 9, 2009

The last Saturday : )

Yes darlings, this is the last Saturday and by the next Saturday, this will be all over....

Here's the schedule:

Report in by 9.30am. (9.45am latest)

10am- 12pm: "Like You" and "For the Streets Alone"
12pm- 2pm: "Finale Piece" Dance Rhearsal
2pm- 3pm: "You've Got To", "Brats", "Hey Wannabes", "Misfits Rap"
3pm- 4pm: Lunch Break
4pm- 7pm: Scene Rehearsals (Full musical)
7pm- 8pm: Dinner Break
8pm- 10pm: Finale Dance Rehearsal

Alrght as you can see, just for this last Saturday, the scene rehearsals and the dance rehersals are slightly shifted. And if you take note, it is best that everyone stays on from morning till night. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for this Saturday will be catered.

Timetable for the next week at RP will be provided on this coming Saturday as well.

10 days more to the musical guys...let's work towards it

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 1

Yes guys, it is week 1...

- "Misfits" Intro, "For the Streets Alone" and "Finale"
- I/C: Prasad
- Ppl Involved: Swathy, Isabelle, Isaac, KC, Iqmall, Praven, Sameer, Nicholas, Shanty and Mustafah
- Time: 7pm- 10pm

2) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Parmes, Nerissa, Indra, Aarthi, Yvonne and Colin
- Time: 8pm- 9.30pm

3) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Shanty and Nicholas
- Time: 9.30pm- 11pm

1) Dance
- "Like You" and Finale
- I/C: Nicole
- Ppl Involved: Parmes, Nerissa, Indra, Yvonne, Colin, Chitra, Ezra and Aarthi
- Time: 7pm- 10pm

2) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Shanty and Nicholas
- Time: 7pm- 9pm

3) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Shanty, Praven, Sameer, Mustafah, Isabelle, Chitra, Nicholas and Colin
- Time: 9pm- 11pm

1) Dance
- "Bounce", "You've Got To", "Misfits" rap, "For the Streets Alone" and Finale for both the Skater group and the Misfits
- I/C: Nicole, Prasad, Andrew and Terence
- Ppl Involved: Swathy, Isabelle, Isaac, Mustafah, KC, Praven, Iqmall, Sameer, Nicholas, Shanty, Bettina, Ezra, Casey, Anaz, Yoga and Deepa
- Time: 7pm- 10pm

2) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Yoga, Deepa and Hema
- Time: 6pm- 8pm

3) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Shanty and Nicholas
- Time: 10pm- 11pm

1) Dance
- "Hey Wannabes", "Like You"
- I/C: Nicole
- Ppl Involved: Prep Squad, Skater Group, Goth Group, Nerds, Drama Kids and Nicholas
- Time: 7pm- 10pm

2) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Yoga, Deepa and Hema
- Time: 6pm- 7.30pm

3) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Shanty and Nicholas
- Time: 8pm- 10pm

1) Dance
- "CinderElla" Part 1
- I/C: Colin and Han Zhi
- Ppl Involved: Kanitha, Anaz, Yvonne, Ezra, Bettina, Casey, Indra, Andrew, Nerissa and Kelvin

2) Scene Rehearsals
- I/C: Saras
- Ppl Involved: Swathy, Mustafah, Isabelle, Isaac, KC, Iqmall, Sameer, Praven, Shanty and Nicholas
- Time: 7pm-10pm

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 2

6pm- 7.30pm: Activity- Recording for 'Misfits' rap
Ppl Involved- Issac
7.30pm- 10pm: Activity- Scene Rehearsal and 'It's my Time' rehearsal
I/C- Saras and Andrew
Ppl Involved- Shanty and Martin


7pm- 10pm: Activity- 'Like you' dance rehearsal
I/C- Nicole
Ppl Involved- Parmes, Nerissa, Chitra, Indra, Yvonne, Colin, Aarthi,
Nicholas, Ezra

Activity- Party Crash
I/C- Prasad, Nicole and Terence
Ppl Involved- Shanty, Mustafah, Swathy, Isaac, Isabelle, Praven, Iqmall, KC, Sameer,
Bettina, Nicole, Ezra, Casey, Anaz, Terence

7pm- 10pm: Nil

7pm- 10pm: Contemporary Practice

8am- 9am: Activity: Detention
I/C: Serena
9.30am: Report in by this time
10am- 2pm: Scene rehearsal (Full musical)
Songs to be performed along with the scenes...
- "Contemp"
- "Bounce"
- "Like you"
- "For the Streets Alone"
- "You've Got To"

Songs that will just be played...
- "Broken Pieces"
- "Hey Wannabes"
- "Bounce"
- "Misfits" rap
2pm- 3pm: Lunch Break
3pm- 6pm: - Hey Wannabes dance practice
- "Misfits" rap dance practice
6pm- 7pm: - Dinner Break
- "You've Got To" dance practice
7pm- 10pm: - "Bounce" dance practice
- "Brats" dance practice

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 3

Monday: Nil

6pm- 7pm: Activity- "Hey Wannabes" vocal Practice
I/C- Lex and Prabs
Ppl Involved- Parmes and Nerissa

7pm- 9pm: Activity- Prep Squad (Like You) dance rehearsal
I/C- Nicole
Ppl Involved- Parmes, Nerissa, Indra, Yvonne, Ezra, Colin, Aarthi, Chitra

8pm- 10pm: Activity- Production Meeting
Ppl Involved: Serena, Naathan and Saras


10am- 5pm: Activity- Choreography for 'Party Crash' and 'Hey Wannabes'
I/C- Prasad, Nicole, Andrew, Terrance
Ppl Involved: Bettina, Anaz, Lex

7pm- 10pm: Detention!
- 1 hour: Andrew, Yvonne, Ezra, Kanitha, Martin, Praven, Deepa, KC, Iqmal
- 2 hours: Shanty and Suady
- 3 hours: Isaac and Isabelle
(Serena will be contacting you, so please inform her on what time you can make it is painting...)


8pm- 12am: Activity- Production Meeting
Ppl Involved- Serena, Naathan and Saras

10am- 1pm: Activity- Production meeting with Republic Polytechnic
Ppl Involved- Serena, Naathan and Saras

7pm- 9pm: Activity- Misfits Scene Rehearsal
I/C- Naathan
Ppl Involved- Suady, Praven, Iqmal, KC, Sameer, Isaac, Isabelle, Mustafah

7pm- 10pm: Activity- 'CinderElla Part 1'(Contemp dance rehearsal)
I/C- Colin and Han Zhi
Ppl Involved- Shanty, Martin, Kanitha, Anaz, Yvonne, Ezra, Indra, Andrew,
Nerissa, Kevin, Betina and Casey

9am- 10am: Activity- Detention
I/C- Serena

10am- 1pm: Activity- Musical Act Run Through (Act 1 till Act 4)
I/C- Saras
Ppl Involved- ALL! (actors and backup dancers...ALL!)
(this week, everyone will be assigned a sheet with details on which scenes
they are in. So come down for the acts rehearsal as you will also be
assigned which acts are you back up actors for...)

1pm- 2pm: Lunch Break

2pm- 5pm: Activity- Misfits Intro 'RAP' dance practice
I/C- Prasad
Ppl Involved- Shanty, Suady, Praven, KC, Sameer, Iqmal, Mustafah, Isaac,
and Isabelle

Activity- 'Hey Wannabes' dance practice
I/C- Nicole
Ppl Involved-
1) Prep Squad: Parmes, Nerissa, Nicholas, Indra, Aarthi,
Yvonne, Colin
2) Skater Group: Bettina, Nicole, Ezra, Anaz, Terence, Casey
3) Drama Group: Ice, Zul and 3 others
4) Musicians: Kevin, Han Zhi and Andrew

5pm- 6pm: Dinner Break

6pm- 9pm: Activity- 'Party Crash' Dance practice
I/C- Prasad and Nicole
Ppl Involved- Shanty, Suady, Mustafah, Isabelle, Isaac, Praven, Sameer, KC,
Iqmal, Nicole, Bettina, Casey, Terence, Ezra and Anaz

That's the time schedule for the entire week. Only 3 more weeks till week 0.
You have a choice to make to either put everything you've got into this or none at all.
This is a gamble you have to make and alot of what you are about to do are risks.
Make a choice of whether you want to take the risks or not.
Decide if the time you put aside is worth it.
Decide whether the last 9 months have been worth it.
Decide whether you are going to challenge yourself for the next 3 weeks.
Becuase they are going to be the hardest 3 weeks of your life.
No break, no sleep, no time, plenty of stress, breakdowns, tears and anger.
Decide if you are up for it.
If you are, then I'll most gladly see you at all rehearsals with nothing to provide but the hope of the best nights of your lives.

Imagine when you take to the stage...

...and the world watches you perform...